Wednesday, February 13, 2013


This is Byran J Storms, a 38 year old POS. In the retail business POS stands for point of sale, but in this instance I'm using it for something completely different. This last Sunday afternoon Storms was driving around Spokane when he caused a horrible accident. I'll let you read one of the news articles that will explain the rest:

(Storms) had an outstanding warrant out for his arrest when he drove past a marked patrol car as he headed north on Helena Street.The officer saw something suspicious about Storms or his black Honda and had made a u-turn to follow the vehicle when Storms punched the accelerator and then ran the stop sign at Helena and Empire (at around 100 miles an hour).
"There was no pursuit; we weren't chasing the car. He just observed the car driving at a high rate of speed at Helena and then the accident happened before he even had a chance to get it behind it," Captain Dave Richards with the Spokane Police Department said.Storms' speeding Honda hit a Ford Ranger in the passenger side door, killing the driver instantly, the force of the impact driving the truck into a power pole, trapping the victim inside. "After the collision occurred, the suspect driver got out and fled on foot and then a citizen pulled up and then went after the driver along with the officer who saw him to begin with, and so with the help of the citizen, we took the driver into custody," Richards said. Two passengers who were in the car with Storms suffered serious injuries; one of them broke nine ribs. After he was apprehended, Storms was also taken to the hospital with his own injuries where a sample of his blood was taken to determine if he was driving under the influence. He was subsequently charged with hit and run, a single count of vehicular homicide and two counts of vehicular assault. Storms has previous convictions for theft, possession of a controlled substance and two counts of eluding. In addition to the warrant out for his arrest for escaping community custody, Storms did not have a valid Washington driver's license. The passengers inside Storms' car also told police at the hospital that they felt he was under the influence of methamphetamine, which would also be a violation of his release from prison. 

Here's a photo of the truck he hit. It was later confirmed he was high on meth. Police also later released the driver's name and age, Kevin Smith, 53. He had been going to the store for groceries and was on his way back home, 7 blocks away. He left behind his wife Renee whom he had been married to for 30 years and two sons. We knew all this before it was released because Renee works a few cubicles down from Terry. Monday was a very sad day at her office.

One of the things that concerns me about this incident is that Storms will not serve the rest of his life behind bars or face the death penalty, because even though he's been charged with vehicular homicide it seems like others in the past charged with the same crime tend to get lesser sentences, the courts system in essence saying that killing someone with a vehicle isn't the same as stabbing or shooting them. Given this circumstance I hope not, because he murdered Kevin as surely as if he'd walked up to him with a gun and pulled the trigger.

And there may be those that say he had a hard life growing up, he was addicted to drugs, or out of his head because he was high at the time. That no one had helped him clean up his life. But you know what? I don't fucking care. He made his choices, and now has to live with the repercussions. The damage he has left behind to Kevin's wife, sons, friends, and family is permanent, as is the pain and sadness that will be with them forever. Bryan Storms deserves to spend the rest of his days on death row in Walla Walla, and hopefully that is where this piece of shit meth head ends up.  


Ute said...

Amen. To all you have said.
It's a great pity that the justice system does not see things the way the general public do. Why the hell is that?
I cannot believe some of the shit that people get away with. You literally DO get away with murder.

So glad you're back blogging.

And love the new Header photo!

Not liking the fucking captcha dooflicky watchamacallit you've got us to fill out down below to prove we're hooman!

Ms Smack said...

What a loser piece of human flesh.

kold_kadavr_ flatliner said...

Anything, bro???

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kold_kadavr_ flatliner said...

trustNjesus, bro...
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I do.
I will.
God bless your indelible soul.